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BEAUTYCOME Collagen Cream

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BEAUTYCOME Collagen Cream


100% brand new and high quality! A variety of plant extracts can quickly remove spots, whiten and moisturize the skin, and become more beautiful and confident.

Product Efficacy:

1. The effect of freckle removal, whitening and acne removal is particularly strong. Long-term use can regulate the regeneration of skin cells and give the skin a new look.
2. Reduce the growth rate of various spots, and achieve the effect of smooth, delicate, tender and whitening skin.
3. The natural ingredients continue to provide the nutrients needed by the skin and delay the appearance of premature aging such as wrinkles.


Product type: Collagen Cream
Net content: 20g LKR 1500
30g LKR 2000
60g LKR 2800
Skin Types: Suitable for all skin types


1. After cleaning, take a proper amount of product on the face.
2. Pat the solution evenly on the face.
3. Fully pat each area of the face to help it absorb.


1.If you find the kine discomfort please stop using.
2.Please keep away from light to avoid direct sunlight.

Package included:

1 x Collagen Cream

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